Selected publications

Journal Papers

Xiang Chen,Hongyan Liu,Dong Zhang,Zili Meng,Qun Huang,Haifeng Zhou,Chunming Wu,Xuan Liu,Qiang Yang. Automatic Performance-Optimal Offloading of Network Functions on Programmable Switches. IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing, 2022, accepted. (CCF C, SCI, IF:5.938)

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Pronaya Bhattacharya,Umesh Bodkhe,Mohd Zuhair,Mamoon Rashid,Xuan Liu,Ashwin Verma,Ram Kishan Dewangan. Amalgamation of blockchain and sixth-generation-envisioned responsive edge orchestration in future cellular vehicle-to-anything ecosystems: Opportunities and challenges. Wiley Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, 12 December 2021, ett.4410.(SCI, IF:2.638)

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Saeed Hamood Alsamhi, Brian Lee, Mohsen Guizani, Neeraj Kumar, Yuansong Qiao, Xuan Liu. Blockchain for decentralized multi‐drone to combat COVID‐19 and future pandemics: Framework and proposed solutions. Wiley Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, 17 March 2021, ett.4255.(SCI, IF:2.638)

Ajay Kumar, Kumar Abhishek, Xuan Liu, Anandakumar Haldorai. An Efficient Privacy-Preserving Identification centric Authentication in IoT based Cloud Servers for Sustainable Smart cities. Wireless Personal Communications, 2021:117, 3229–3253.(SCI, IF:1.671)

Syed Ibrahim Imtiaz, Saif ur Rehman, Abdul Rehman Javed, Zunera Jalil, Xuan Liu, Waleed S.Alnumay. DeepAMD: Detection and identification of Android malware using high-efficient Deep Artificial Neural Network. Future Generation Computer Systems, Volume 115, February 2021, Pages 844-856.(SCI, IF:7.187, CCF C)

Abdul Basit, Maham Zafar, Xuan Liu, Abdul Rehman Javed, Zunera Jalil, Kashif Kifayat. A comprehensive survey of AI-enabled phishing attacks detection techniques. Telecommunication Systems, 2021(76), 139–154.(SCI, IF:2.314)

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Abdul Rehman Javed, Zunera Jalil, Syed Atif Moqurrab, Sidra Abbas, Xuan Liu. Ensemble Adaboost Classifier for Accurate and Fast detection of Botnet Attacks in Connected Vehicles. Wiley Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, 13 August 2020, ett.4088.(SCI, IF:2.638)

Xuan Liu, Peng Yang, Yongqiang Dong, Sayed Chhattan Shah. Collaborative Dual-structural Edge Networking Paradigm: An Analysis Study in Terms of Multimedia Content Delivery. Multimedia Tools and Applications, 2019, 78(17): 24555–24572. (SCI, IF:2.757, CCF C)

Peng Yang, Liang Gu, Xuan Liu. Collaborative Filtering Driven by Fast Semantic Feature Analysis on Spark. Wireless Networks, 2018, accepted. (SCI, IF: 2.602, CCF C)

Xuan Liu, Peng Yang, Yongqiang Dong. Research on Content Sharing Capability for Dual-Architecture Network. Acta Electronica Sinica, 2018, 46(4): 849-855. (EI, CCF A(Chinese version), in Chinese)

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Conference Papers

Youbing Zhong, Zhou Zhou, Xuan Liu, Da Li, Meijun Guo, Shuai Zhang, Qingyun Liu, Li Guo. BPA:The Optimal Placement of Interdependent VNFs in Many-core System. EAI CollaborateCom 2020, Shanghai: Springer, 2020, 305-319.(EI, CCF C)

Xuan Liu, Peng Yang, Yongqiang Dong, Syed Hassan Ahmed. An Analysis of Content Sharing Hops for Dual-Structural Network Based on General Random Graph. IEEE GLOBECOM 2018, Abu Dhabi:IEEE, 2018, 1-6.(EI, CCF C)

Xuan Liu, Peng Yang, Yongqiang Dong, Syed Hassan Ahmed. A Comparative Analysis of Content Delivery Capability for Collaborative Dual-Architecture Network. EAI CollaborateCom 2017, Edinburgh: Springer, 2017, 63-72.(EI, CCF C)